An Enterprise Class fixed price WordPress website for £495.00

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In this post, I explain why I use WordPress exclusively and why it is ideal for non-geeks to run their business by publishing content and updates quickly and easily.

Sites developed with WordPress gives you protection and assurance, there are a dazzling array of plugins that extend the core WordPress installation allowing you serve videos easily, run training courses, send emails, collect subscriber information, sell products both physical and digital.

WordPress allows you to create sites where the pages are optimised for search engines, that are mobile responsive and gives a business owner control over their site enabling them t to create pages, posts, embed videos, take card payments, deliver documents and much more. Check the tab above for links to more information about WordPress.

Learning WordPress

Every Ticketyboo site comes with a series of professionally produced training videos available to you straight from the dashboard.

Extending WordPress

The great advantage that a CMS system provides is one of control and the geek free environment to add technically complicated services to your website.  From processing credit cards, adding SMS messaging,  membership sites, forums, image galleries, shopping carts and e-commerce facilities, SEO tools, social media connections,  videos and more.   Geek free because someone will have written a module or plugin that will add these features to your CMS. WordPress has a rich and varied library of plugins that will provide solutions.


All Ticketyboo sites come with security measures built in to prevent unauthorised logins.  We limit the number of Login attempts and apply other preventative measures to keep your site safe from Hackers. All Ticketyboo sites come with an SSL certificate so your URL begins with https://.  You can see the green padlock in your browser bar window above.

Site Backups

All Ticketyboo sites come installed with automatic backup software that backs up the site to our Amazon S3 server.   This is in addition to our hosting provider who also backs up the sites automatically on a regular basis.

In other words, everything you need to run and publish a professional fast and easily maintained website for a FIXED PRICE of £495.00.  For more information read the FAQ and to view an example site click on the Tell me More button.