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fixed price WordPress website

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I have tried to include everything that you would need in a website that would reflect your business in a professional competent up to date manner.   It even includes taking of Credit Cards through PayPal or the Stripe Gateway.  

It does not include a Membership site or a training course delivery system or a shopping cart and e-commerce store.  If you need any of these things contact me.

  • Hosted on a lightning fast CDN ( Content delivery Network)
  • Build on a Secure site (SSL certificate included (https://)
  • An image gallery to display your products/services/business
  • A Contact page with form and Map
  • A GDPR compliant Privacy page
  • A GDPR compliant Term of Service Page
  • A GDPR complaint Cookie Notice.
  • Email Newsletter set up complete with a GDPR compliant subscription form.
  • Publish new content as pages or blog posts at any time.
  • A Blog template set up- just add content and publish.
  • An automated Search Engine Optimisation checker and assistant.
  • Fully Mobile optimised – including image gallery, forms and videos.
  • Installation of the Facebook Pixel (I will explain this if you are not sure)
  • Fully portable to any other WordPress host (You stay because you want to – and for no other reason)

In this post, I explain why I use WordPress exclusively and why it is ideal for non-geeks to run their business by publishing content and updates quickly and easily.


Sites developed with WordPress gives you protection and assurance, there are a dazzling array of plugins that extend the core WordPress installation allowing you serve videos easily, run training courses, send emails, collect subscriber information, sell products both physical and digital.


WordPress allows you to create sites where the pages are optimised for search engines, that are mobile responsive and gives a business owner control over their site. It enables them t to create pages, posts, embed videos, take card payments, deliver documents and much more. Check the tab above for links to more information about WordPress.


Extending WordPress

The great advantage that a CMS system provides is one of control and the geek free environment to add technically complicated services to your website.  From processing credit cards, adding SMS messaging,  membership sites, forums, image galleries, shopping carts and e-commerce facilities, SEO tools, social media connections,  videos and more.   Geek free because someone will have written a module or plugin that will add these features to your CMS. WordPress has a rich and varied library of plugins that will provide solutions.


All Ticketyboo sites come with security measures built in to prevent unauthorised logins.  We limit the number of Login attempts and apply other preventative measures to keep your site safe from Hackers. All Ticketyboo sites come with an SSL certificate so your URL begins with https://.  You can see the green padlock in your browser bar window above.

Site Backups

All Ticketyboo sites come installed with automatic backup that backs up the site on a daily basis and keeps 30 days of backups.

Please read through this FAQ and then contact me if you have anything is not clear or you would like to discuss my fixed price website service in more detail.

Click on the question to open or close.

I have an existing site. Can you help?

Copying your text content is not usually a problem.  The most important factor in moving a site or re-developing a site is to protect any SEO rankings and links your existing site has. We also need to we can replicate any functionality like subscriptions, etc on the new site.  Contact me to discuss this.  Please read my blog post on moving sites here.

I have an existing site. Can you help?

We can give you a quote for this. Copying your text content is not usually a problem.  The most important factor in moving a site or re-developing a site is to protect any SEO rankings and links your existing site has. We also need to we can replicate any functionality like subscriptions, etc on the new site.  Contact me to discuss this.

Can I add new content, Images posts, pages etc at any time?

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) . A CMS helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for and specialized technical knowledge. Check out the Why WordPress Tab above for more information.

How long does it take to start on my new website?

We aim to have your new website up and running with all the basics within 3./4 days. Of course if we have to copy and transfer an existing website over it will take longer.  However this is straightforward and we aim to get it done quickly.  You will be able to access the site and watch the progress and check as we progress.  Please also read the “I have an existing site Can you help” question above.

Can this be a new site linked to my existing site?

Yes if you wish the site to be for a specific purpose your Blog, or a particular part of your business it is very easy to have it done on a sub-domain.  e.g  You can build links back and forth from the new site to your existing and vice versa.

Will it work on Mobiles and tablets?

All Ticketyboo sites are Mobile responsive. Responsiveness means that elements of your site change their layout and structure to adapt to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. It is very important in terms of your user experience.  More details on the importance of mobile responsive website design in this blog post

Why have an SSL secure site?

Quote from the Google Webmaster’s Blog:We’ve seen positive results, so we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. For now it’s only a very lightweight signal — affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content — while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS. But over time, we may decide to strengthen it, because we’d like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.

Not Secure

If you do not run your site on a secure https Google now flags your URL with a Non Secure warning like the image above.  This appears in front of your URL in the browser bar see the images above.

Will the site be fast?

The site is hosted on a very fast secure server optimised for WordPress. Not only that is is on a CDN (Content Distribution Network). We install a plug in to ensure that your images are optimised for speed.  You can read more about website speed on my blog post here

The Ticketyboo site is minimal style I need something more graphic?

Clearly a site for a photographer requires a different layout and style to that of parts distributor. I will help you choose a style and theme that you like and is suitable for your business.  There a thousands of both free and paid for themes available for WordPress most of which can be customised to suit your brand colours and style.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is small piece of code that you place on your website. It is used to track facebook users and conversions from Facebook ads. It helps you optimise any ads based on the collected data and build targeted audiences for future ads. It is one of the most popular ways to re-market to qualified site visitors e.g.those who have already taken some kind of action on your website.  Even if you have no intention of advertising at this point I recommend that you install the Facebook pixel.

What are the Yoast SEO tools?

Yoast is the most comprehensive SEO WordPress plugin. It enables you you to manage titles and meta descriptions, set your targeted keyword and phrases and frequency, manage sitemaps and more. The video tutorials included in every Ticketyboo site will soon have you up to speed.

Can I take Credit Cards payments on the site?

Yes we can install a PayPal payment service and as we are running the site on a secure server we can use Stripe which is an excellent payment Gateway.   All PCI compliant you never store or have access to the card details all transaction details are sent by the encryption built into the SSL certificate between Stripe and the purchasers browser.

Am I locked into using Ticketyboo in any way?

No you will own the site and as it is all developed using WordPress it can be moved to another provider at any time.  We will assist your new hosting provider 9n any way we can.  It is really a very simple process.  You will stay with us because you are happy and for no other reason.

I have an existing Newsletter  ?

It is important that any changes are seamless from your subscribers point of view.  If you are already using Mail Chimp, Mad Mimi, Active campaign etc then we can simply set up the subscription forms and subscriber management on the new site. This is something we would discuss with you before we start to ensure that nothing affects your current subscribers.

Are there any extras I need ?

Unless you have some transactional functionality on your site or need a shopping cart or a membership site then I can think of nothing else you need to operate a fast , responsive secure sure that you can easily manage and control.  If there is some other features you need then contact me and ask.  If you wish to use your site as an active marketing tool by advertising on facebook, Google or other Social media sites then you will need some additional tools to do the job properly.  You will need landinging pages, opt-in pages, split tests and more.   I cover this in my demo and course “Grow Your Audience“.  Click on the link to read more.  

What about hosting costs ?

We use the very best hosting service we have found.  It specialises in WordPress hosting with great support and a very fast Content Delivery Network (CDN).  Our price includes hosting for first three months after that it is £10.00. per month.

What about Google Analytics?

There are several Google Analytics plugins that will let you see at a glance your stats,  popular pages, number of visitors etc and we can install one of these for you.  You will need to have a Google account to do this but there is no costs involved.

Do I have full Admin access?

Yes.  However, if you are new to WordPress I would recommend that you watch the tutorial videos or contact me before you make any major changes, adding new plugins, changing themes etc.  You can of course give Admin access to a trusted third party.  

What is Grow Your Audience?

Grow your Audience is a demonstration and course on how to build an audience of prospects for your products or service.  It is delivered by email and web pages with videos and shows you exactly the tools I use and why.  It covers everything from creating landing pages, opt-ins and split testing and touches on traffic sources.  It is a free course you can register here.

Who uses WordPress?

The WordPress Showcase is a regularly updated page of famous brands who use WordPress.

Brands like Sony, BBC America, The Obama Foundation, Walt Disney, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Usain Bolt, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Amnesty International, Dassault Aviation, Fortune Magazine and thousands of sites around the world.

What is the Stripe Payment Gateway?

Stripe is a payment Gateway that allows you to use a secure connection the https:// to collect payments on your site.  All of the communication between the gateway and your visitors browser is encrypted and PCI compliant.   You do not collect any CC details this is all done on the Stripe server.

Stripe is used by famous brands all over the world.  Brands like Kickstarter, Google, Slack, Amazon, Shopify, Uber, Facebook, Expedia, Deliveroo, UK Government, Comic Relief, Oxfam and Unicef. As well as thousands of small business users.   Visit the Stripe website here.

Why I use WordPress

WordPress Themes 

The look and feel of a WordPress website is mainly controlled by the choice of the theme.  There are thousands of themes to choose from. This link will take you to the WordPress site and a showcase of the most popular themes. There are also many third party sites that offer both free and paid for themes.  Some are free but with an annual payment for enhancements and functionality. 

In other words, everything you need to run and publish a professional fast and easily maintained website for a FIXED PRICE.  For more information read the FAQ and to view an example site click on the Tell me More button.