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Who uses WordPress?

The WordPress Showcase is a regularly updated page of famous brands who use WordPress.

Brands like Sony, BBC America, The Obama Foundation, Walt Disney, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Usain Bolt, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Amnesty International, Dassault Aviation, Fortune Magazine and thousands of sites around the world.

What is the Stripe Payment Gateway?

Stripe is a payment Gateway that allows you to use a secure connection the https:// to collect payments on your site.  All of the communication between the gateway and your visitors browser is encrypted and PCI compliant.   You do not collect any CC details this is all done on the Stripe server.

Stripe is used by famous brands all over the world.  Brands like Kickstarter, Google, Slack, Amazon, Shopify, Uber, Facebook, Expedia, Deliveroo, UK Government, Comic Relief, Oxfam and Unicef. As well as thousands of small business users.   Visit the Stripe website here.

Why I use WordPress

WordPress Themes 

The look and feel of a WordPress website is mainly controlled by the choice of the theme.  There are thousands of themes to choose from. This link will take you to the WordPress site and a showcase of the most popular themes. There are also many third party sites that offer both free and paid for themes.  Some are free but with an annual payment for enhancements and functionality. 

In other words, everything you need to run and publish a professional fast and easily maintained website for a FIXED PRICE of £495.00.  For more information read the FAQ and to view an example site click on the Tell me More button.