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Thank you for your interest in the Falmouth Lifeboat website and Ticketyboo.

I developed the first website for the Falmouth Lifeboat in 1996 when the Station boat was the RNLB Elizabeth Ann. As one of the crew pointed out recently, “the site is now older than some of them“.

Technical details

The present website is developed in WordPress. Members of the Media team at Falmouth can log in, edit, create and publish new content at any time.

The site itself is hosted on a fast CDN (Content Distribution Network). The videos are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Server network). The email server is a dedicated mail server that maintains a high delivery ability. (95% of the Falmouth Lifeboat newsletter emails are delivered).

Because of this, the Falmouth Lifeboat Newsletters enjoy over 50% open rates where the average is 17.92%. *

I am now partly retired. My experience and skills are in email and creating customer engagement. You can read a little more about my experience and past clients here.

If you think I can help your business or organisation please get in touch.

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Thank you for your interest in the Falmouth Lifeboat site.

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(* Source: Campaign Monitor)