The LPA Course

The LPA course has been developed to help people understand the nature of an LPA what is involved and help them complete the application forms.

The practical aspects of completing the forms are very simple and straightforward. If the donor is clear in what they are arranging, then the forms must be signed in the correct order by participants who are qualified to sign or act as witnessess, certificate providers and attorneys and the application form despatched to the OPG for registration along with the appropriate fees.

Often an LPA is arranged at a less than ideal time after a crisis following an accident or illness.

Mental capacity is not a black and white state it is quite possible for an individual to lose some mental capacity but have a very clear understanding of why they want to arrange an LPA. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in itself does not mean that the person is unable to arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney.

It is the Donor who is in charge of this it is their decision no matter how much help is given by friends or family it is up to the Donor to decide on Attorneys, replacement attorneys and who should be informed.

Please note that although the course is interspersed with remarks and comments based on the experience of the course developers these must not be interpreted as advice in any sense. Your circumstances and the LPA your are considering is personal to you and every person’s requirements and circumstances are different.
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