Starter Kit Purchase

I use Stripe to accept card payments online as it is the most simple and straightforward secure payment system available. Please click on the About Stripe Link to read about [popup_trigger id=”2077″ tag=”span”]Stripe[/popup_trigger] our payment processor.

You can also pay using your card on PayPal (You do not need a Paypal account).
[thrive_toggles_group] [thrive_toggles title=”Click here to purchase using PayPal” no=”1/2″] For those with PayPal, you can purchase by clicking on the Paypal Button below or by logging into your PayPal account and sending the payment to

Clicking on the button below will take you to the PayPal page. For those without a PayPal account and wish to purchase using their card check the link at the bottom of the PayPal page..

[/thrive_toggles] [thrive_toggles title=”Click here to purchase by Stripe” no=”2/2″] Enter the amount you wish to donate and press the Support the Aeromed-List button.  The currency is set for UK Sterling (GBP). Payments are processed securely by [popup_trigger id=”2077″ tag=”span”]Stripe[/popup_trigger]

(See Green Padlock on your browser bar).
[fullstripe_payment form=”StarterKit”] [content_container max_width=’600′ align=’center’]

[popup_trigger id=”2077″ tag=”span”]Pwered by Stripe[/popup_trigger] [/thrive_toggles] [thrive_toggles title=”Click here t pay by Bank Transfer” no=”3/3″] For those who prefer to pay by direct transfer please complete the form below and I will give you a call..