Split Testing

Split Testing The basics

You will recognise one of the screenshots below, or at least a version of one as I do not update this page every time I make an adjustment.   In my simple A/B test of the landing page that persuaded you to subscribe, I send 50% of the page visitors to each variation.  After sufficient traffic to get a statistically valid sample I choose a winner. It really is not complicated.

Of course, there is not always a clear winner so after a while, you change one of the pages.  My experience is that the headline is the most important to test first.   e.g

How to grow your own Social Media and email audience.” 


“Let me demonstrate why having your own Social Media and email audience is important”


50% of the traffic goes to each page. When a visitor clicks on the “request a demo” button they see one of two variants of the pop-up form.  The final page is the one they see when they have subscribed using one of the popup opt-in forms.  This final page remains relatively static.

After running a certain amount of traffic to the page we will see which page is creating more subscribers and which popup is working best.  This may at first complicated but with the correct tools, it is straightforward to set up.  To see the difference it makes see the image below.

I have recorded a short video that goes through the image above.   50% of the traffic goes to each page and 50% of the visitors who click on the Show me button.