The Aeromed-List


The Aeromed-list is a forum for aviation medical practitioners and has been in operation for over 20 years. Members are Airline, Military and General Aviation medical specialists who use the list to share information and opinions on a wide variety of conditions and aeromedical issues.

It is a very specialised list with membership limited to those with a genuine academic or professional interest in aviation medicine. The current membership of aeromed-list derives from over 25 countries so a diversity of opinion is readily available.

The List owner is Dr Dougal Watson, Principal Medical Officer, New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

The list has been managed by Gordon Burns for 20 years using Silverquick’s servers.  Now that Gordon has retired, the list software and management have been switched to MailMan.  There is now a modest cost involved in hosting and running the list and any contribution towards these costs are welcome (see below)

Joining the List

If you are interested in subscribing to the list there are three methods.

Click here for Membership Form

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We ask about your interest as a precaution to prevent scammers or worse gaining access to the list. It is the interest of all members.  The only requirement is that you have a genuine interest in aeromedical medicine.

Supporting the List.

You do not need to donate to become a member. Donations are entirely voluntary. The membership ranges from students to very senior staff. I am grateful for any help towards the costs of maintaining the lists. Any extra income will be used to improving the list and the resources for members.

I use Stripe to accept card payments online as it is the most simple and straightforward secure payment system available. Please click on the About Stripe Link to read about our payment processor. Or visit the Stripe website.

You can also donate via Paypal (You do not need a Paypal account).
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Clicking on the donate button below will take you to the PayPal page. For those without a PayPal account and wish to donate using their card check the link at the bottom of the PayPal page.

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