Why Grow Your Audience

Why having your own Audience is important.

“Building an engaged email audience is the best marketing investment you can make.”

Search Engine Optimisation

Of course you should optimise your site and pages for the important keywords and phrases and optimise your pages to be SEO friendly.  You can make a big investment in SEO in terms of your time or professional help and things can change change overnight. If Google modifies its algorithm it can mean less visitors to your site.

You should of course develop a good SEO plan and it will mitigate your risk but Google decides how its algorithm works for the benefits to Google’s business not for yours. You have no control over this.  

Persuade your existing web traffic to subscribe to your email audience and retain contact with as many visitors as you can. 

Social Media Platforms

Social Media is a phenomenon.  It has and still does offer many business opportunities and  must not be ignored. However, like SEO you do not have any control,  access to the audience you build it is not yours, it is controlled by the Social Media Platform.

Users, some of whom are your followers leave Social Media platforms and go elsewhere.  If that happens you have lost contact with them. Social Media platforms come and go, their demographic make up changes.  The way they operate changes, it is a very fluid environment and can absorb a great deal of time just keeping up.

Google Plus is shutting down. Remember Orkut? Google started it in 2004 and shut in 2014. Google launched Orkut after failing to buy Friendster which itself closed in 2015.Ping was an Apple iTunes network described by Steve Jobs as “Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes” .  It closed in 2012.

These are just a few examples of networks backed by firms with enormous resources, experience, skilled staff and existing user bases that failed. You should not be betting the ranch on any one platform.

“Use Social Media to Grow your Audience – an Audience that you own

Keeping up with all of this can be exhausting.Social Media Networks change all the time. Facebook as a business advertising platform is a much different animal than it was a only short time ago. Remember when you could post on your page and most of your followers would see it? Now you will be lucky to get an organic reach of 15/20% of your followers. To reach the rest you have to pay. 

“You should  pay to reach and retain not simply to

have a one time exposure to a prospective customer.”

Your own Audience as an email List.An engaged email list is the best marketing investment you can make. It belongs to you. Done properly you have permission to maintain contact and send your list members commercial email and talk to them at any time about your product and service.

  • You are not tied to a single provider. If you want to change you can do so with ease you will not lose your contacts or your investment.
  • You can change your website host, your ISP, your email Service provider and keep your investment. 
  • Email marketing is economical.
  • We all know that customers rarely buy on first contact with your business – getting them on an email list and sending emails regularly until they are ready to buy keeps your business in their mind and provides a simple way for them to contact you.

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